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Mending The Marriage
“Knowing when the enemy is attacking your relationships”

Every relationship will pass through tests, trials and challenges. However, those that remain intact will testify to the fact that it was only God’s grace, mercy and favor that caused them to overcome.  

Remember, marriage was never the devil’s idea, so you should never be surprised when he or his demons try to destroy this covenant relationship. Both you and your spouse must be prepared to work on your marriage through prayer, fasting and open communication. 

This book is a practical guide on what we believe are the tell-tale signs to determine when the enemy is attacking your marriage or relationships and what you can do to overcome. 




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12 Minutes To Breakthrough Prayer Strategy

12 Minutes To Breakthrough Prayer Strategy is a book that is designed to teach the reader about prayer, the benefits of prayer and how developing a consistent prayer life is guaranteed to bring positive results when facing life's dilemmas, hardships or difficulties.  This book includes a unique how to prayer strategy that will cultivate the spirit of prayer in the life of the reader causing them to live a victorious life.



I Still Want You - The Call to A Deeper Place!

This book was written and inspired for people who desire a deeper place in God. This powerful book is designed to ignite a passion in every believer to experience the presence of God in a greater way.  This book is for a prophetic people who are longing to see the manifested glory of God in a way that they have never seen it before. 

Within the pages of this book:
· You will gain a better understanding of what it means to go after the presence of God
· You will explore new ways to posture yourself to hear and know the voice of the spirit of God
· You will also discover tactics the enemy seeks to use to keep the believer out of the presence and will of God
· You will learn how to increase your spiritual capacity for more of God as you cultivate a passionate desire for His presence



Secrets Every Mother Should Tell to Her Daughter About Life

In this book, I reveal some of the same inspiring "power nuggets" that I have shared with my own daughters, teaching them how to live their best life ever!

These intimate “power life secrets” will:

· help you navigate through “this thing called life!”
· give you insightful wisdom keys
· help you avoid the traps, snares and pitfalls of the enemy
· act as an inspirational almanac to fulfilling your God-given dreams and aspirations


SECRETS Every Mother Should Tell Her Daughter About Life JOURNAL

This companion journal to the “must-read” book “Secrets Every Mother Should Tell Her Daughter About Life!” is a personal tool which allows you to freely express your thoughts, impressions and aspirations while reading the life-changing book.

Journalling your own personal secrets (footnotes) will help you to commit these valuable nuggets to memory by expanding your knowledge. And hopefully, as you continue through "this journey called LIFE", one day, you will be able to create your own compilation of "SECRETS" to pass on to another special, young lady.

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I Refuse To Die

Within the pages of this book, Dr. Mattie Nottage shares her powerful testimony of how she overcame life’s greatest challenges. This book, champions every survivor who has had to face one of the greatest challenges in their life but who made a firm decision that they were not going to give up – they refused to die in the midst of their adversity and made a decision to live!



Breaking the Chains from Worship to Warfare

Within these pages, Prophetess Mattie profoundly reveals life-changing tools about worship and warfare that will equip the believer to fight the good fight of faith. You will agree that there is a time in your life when you must transition from Worship to Warfare. The greater the intensity of your worship the more God empowers you, to deafeat the enemy and overcome every obstacle in your life.

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"Dont Quit, Get Back in The Fight"

12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth
violence, and the violent take it by force. (Matthew 11:12)

In Matthew 11:12, the Word of God reveals that, as a believer, you are engaged in some level of warfare. It further reveals that if you are going to experience any level of victory that you will have to aggressively fight for it. In this warfare, your weapons are not physical guns and knives but spiritual weapons, such as prayer, fasting and implementing practical kingdom principles.

Don't Quit…Get Back In The Fight! is a message to all who have experienced unexpected dilemmas, hardships or difficulties and grown weary along the way. God is calling you to begin to embrace the spirit of a Kingdom Warrior and continue to fight the good fight of faith.

Within the pages of this life-changing book Dr. Nottage speaks to the warrior in you, encouraging you to wrestle for your breakthrough through persistent faith, prevailing prayer and practical living. He shares years of wisdom he has learned from God, along with various principles he encountered while conducting business and fulfilling the work of the ministry.

This book will:
*Empower you to face every dilemma as a kingdom warrior
*Teach you strategies on how to boldly defeat your giants
*Provide you with keys on how to survive your dry seasons and embrace new ones
*Encourage you to activate your faith, overcoming fear, doubt and failure.




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